What things you should not keep in your wallet or purse

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By: MarieGarcia
on 19th Aug,2011

Even then, you can do away with certain items in your wallet in order to avoid your valuable items from getting stolen.
What things you should not keep in your wallet or purse


It is quite impossible to think of a life without certain items in your wallet or purse. Even then, you can do away with certain items in your wallet in order to avoid your valuable items from getting stolen. Here is a list of items which you shouldn't keep in your wallet unless it's really necessary.

    Your passport - It is quite obvious that you cannot leave your passport at home when you're traveling to another country. However, it would be wise to leave your passport in your hotel when you're out for sightseeing. You can keep a photocopy of your passport and your driving license in case you require it, but do not carry the actual documents with you all the time. Losing your password and driving license can spoil your vacation entirely.

    Information about your passwords - Always abstain from writing down your passwords in a piece of paper and keeping them in your wallet. Doing so, you invite thieves to get access to your confidential information. If you cannot remember a big passwords, store them in a digital phone in a way you can only understand the actual numbers and always password protect your phone. One of the best ways to store your passwords digitally is writing an irrelevant digit after every actual digit of your password or use similar technique. Doing so, only you can make out the actual passwords and the thieves will remain guessing.

    Precious and expensive items - It requires no mention that you shouldn't keep any expensive and precious items in your purse. They include your expensive jewelry and your USB devices as you wouldn't want your precious items to get stolen and a thief stealing your USB device may get access to your confidential information. It is also advisable that you don't keep receipts in your purse as they may contain your credit card information.

    Your Social Security card - Your Social Security Number is only of 9 digits; so, why not memorize it instead of carrying documents of your SSN? This is because a fraudster can steal your wallet and your SSN to open a credit card account in your name and you would come to know about it when you've incurred huge debt on that account.

    Your mobile phone without password protection - Many of you prefer to store your passwords in your mobile phone. People suing smart phones can also access bank accounts, medical records, PayPal accounts, e-mail, etc. A thief can steal your phone and use your information for his/her financial benefit. So, if you're using a smart phone, always password protect it so that the thief cannot get access to your confidential information even if he/she can erase the entire memory of your cell phone.

    A number of credit cards - It is not at all a good habit to have a number of credit cards as it may make you more prone to fall into debt problems; if you have several credit cards, never carry them with you all the time. Only carry 1-2 credit cards which you use daily and always keep a photocopy of the front and back of each of your cards at home so that you can access information even if your cards get stolen.

    Your checkbook - Have you ever thought that your checkbook has your bank account number in it with your signature imprinted? So, a thief can try to use your check to cash it. So, peel off the number of checks you require and don't carry the entire checkbook with you all the time.

Apart from above, you shouldn't also carry too much cash in your purse or wallet. If you do so and if your wallet or purse gets stolen, then your financial condition may end up in jeopardy and may land you into debt. So, carry only that much of cash which you'll require. If needed, you can swipe your credit cards but make sure you pay off the balances every month. This will help you manage your finances better and you won't have to worry about your cash being stolen.


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