What you grocer would not want you to know

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 18th Apr,2013

The knowledge will also help you save money at the grocery stores. kept near checkout.
What you grocer would not want you to know


Do you know that the grocery stores are usually designed in a way so that you spend more? Yes, it is true. Many a times, you'll find that you end up spending more at the grocery shop than you need to. Here are certain things which you should know but what your grocer doesn't want you to know. The knowledge will also help you save money at the grocery stores.


  • Usually expensive items are kept at checkout - There are usually magazines, gum, candy, etc. kept near checkout. These items usually have high-profit margin, so your grocery bill can shoot up if you don't restrict yourself from buying these items at the checkout.
  • Only selected varieties are on sale - The stores usually advertise sales on products; however, the sale prices are on only some varieties instead of the whole item. So, if you want to buy an item on sale, before you do so, make sure the variety you're buying is actually on sale.
  • Kid-friendly stuffs are kept at their eye level - Next time you visit your favorite grocery store, notice carefully that the kid-friendly stuffs are kept at their eye level and within their reach. Just walk on the aisle where cereals are kept, you will find that sugary cereals are kept lower and the relatively healthy alternatives are kept at higher racks.
  • Sales usually run in cycles - You do not have to go crazy to buy something in bulk since that item is offered on sale. If you review your grocery store fliers, you'll notice how often items (which you want to buy) are offered on sale. So, don't buy in bulk, as a result of which, either you consume them more than what you usually do or you need to throw if no one wants it to eat any more.
  • ‘Sell-By' and ‘Best If Used By' dates are not expiry dates - Every one of you check out the expiry dates before buying an item. While doing so, you often come across certain terms such as, ‘Sell-By' and ‘Best If Used By'. They don't usually mean the expiry dates of the food items. When ‘Best If Used By' is mentioned, it means that the food item will taste best within that date. This doesn't mean that the food item will perish after that date. Similarly, ‘Sell By' date means the grocery store can display that item till that date. So, the next time you buy a perishable item, keep it refrigerated and consume it within a few days.

Most importantly, always check when your items are being rung up at the checkout. Do not feel shy to point out if there's any error, especially the items which are on sale. The scanners are not error-free; so there may be a mistake in the price as the person who had entered the data might have made a mistake. Therefore, always point out the errors and by doing so, you will help other consumers, too. 

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